The Los Angeles Family Law Help Center keeps attorneys, paralegals, and law students on retainer so you don’t have to. Our specialty is family law, with additional expertise in landlord/tenant cases, business legal paperwork, and estate planning.

We are committed to facilitating meaningful and equal access to the judicial system, and our unbundled offering means that you can decide exactly what parts of your case you need legal help with, and what you can handle on your own. This strategy will significantly reduce your overall cost of litigation, which can traditionally cost many thousands of dollars. Our unbundled offering is the perfect recipe: you’ll pay less, but still enjoy the effective one-on-one help that you need to move your case forward as you navigate legalese and the court system. All the necessary forms and documents will be handled by our team, as dictated by you, and you’ll have the freedom to manage the rest.

At the same time, our organization gives law students/clerks, volunteers, and attorneys the chance to gain invaluable training and experience in a clinical setting through exposure to a diverse range of cases. Our commitment to collaboration along with top-tier legal service creates an open culture where all hard-workers can thrive, since we believe that good ideas can come from anywhere. At LA Family Law Help Center, we believe that creativity is not only key to achieving the best results for our clients, but for our company overall.

What We Stand For

The LA FAMILY LAW HELP CENTER mission is to serve and educate in pro persona family law litigants, in order to ensure meaningful and equal access to the judicial system.

The LA FAMILY LAW HELP CENTER was founded upon the belief that access to the justice system is a right, not a privilege, and that this right should not be compromised especially when it comes to legal matters concerning the family. In accordance therewith, the LA FAMILY LAW HELP CENTER provides low cost legal assistance to all families, regardless of income.

What We Do

The LA FAMILY LAW HELP CENTER helps family law litigants complete necessary forms, draft declarations, and prepare documents for filing and service. The LA FAMILY LAW HELP CENTER strives to maintain a service-first attitude to ensure that each litigant receives quality, cost-effective service.

Who We Serve

The LA FAMILY LAW HELP CENTER serves all self-represented (in pro persona) family law litigants, regardless of income, whether you are the Petitioner (the party bringing the action) or the Respondent (the party responding to the action).


If you would like to schedule an appointment online, please fill out the following form and a member of our team will call you within 24 hours to schedule a time to meet with you.